General Hospital: Carly Corinthos’ 8 Love Interests Ranked


For over two decades now Carly Corinthos has ruled over Port Charles. Initially labelled as a bad girl, she has evolved while on General Hospital (GH). She’s been through a roller coaster emotionally, devised many a scheme in her day, and dabbled in quite a few romances. Here’s a definitive ranking of Carly’s eight love interests over the years!

8. A.J Quartermaine

They didn’t have a bona fide relationship, but these two had a couple of romps in the bedroom. The first one occurred in 1997 and resulted in a pregnancy (their son Michael) and the second happened years later, shortly after A.J.’s return from the dead in and around 2013. These two were even once married, but for all the wrong reasons. Carly and A.J. detested each other, but for one reason or another there was a clear attraction. It’s important to note that both times they engaged in one-night stands when alcohol was involved.

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7. Tony Jones

Another disaster of a relationship was the one Carly had with Tony Jones, which makes it no surprise it’s at the bottom of this list. Carly only seduced Tony to lure him away from bio-mom Bobbie Spencer and it was all part of a plan to seek revenge on her for giving Carly away as a baby. Once Tony learned that Carly was not all she pretended to be, the couple crumbled fast.

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