Grey’s Anatomy’s 9 Most Ridiculous Storylines


Over more than 10 years and more than 13 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has taken fans on a wild ride of ups and downs. While there is a reason the series has become one of the the most popular and successful shows with its (mostly) fantastic characters and intense storylines, it is also one of the few shows where fans can’t tell if they have had enough or not. At this point, many fans are still watching the series because they have invested this much time into it, and for many there have been a few episodes or seasons where they questioned whether the show had lost the edge that made it special. Although there have been many amazing Grey’s episodes, seasons and moments, it has also had its fair share of storylines that did not resonate with fans they way writers intended. Take a look back on the show’s 9 most ridiculous storylines:

9. Meredith and George – Season 2

The early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy are the reason fans became as invested as they did in the series. The early seasons built the foundation and were there before it was as much of a soap opera as it is now, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some ridiculous moments back then as well. George’s love for Meredith was almost embarrassing and hard to watch as she was presumably the only person who didn’t notice his obvious crush on her. The awkward situation finally resulted in the pair sleeping together in season two’s “Yesterday.” The resulting storyline was annoying, juvenile and cringe-worthy as the pair stopped speaking and George began his relationship with Callie. It was hard to believe that surgical interns could be so immature and focus more on their personal lives than the intense and life-threatening situations around them.

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8. The Plane Crash – Season 8

Season eight’s plane crash was one of the show’s most iconic storylines of all time and that will never change, but some of the angles it took ended up being the worst and most ridiculous of the series. The plane crash gave Grey’s fans some of the most emotional and raw moments and while the death of Lexi was shocking and traumatic it wasn’t ridiculous, but the same can’t be said for Mark’s death storyline. To kill off the beloved couple was one thing, but to drag out Mark’s death and for a minute give hope he was going to survive was unnecessary.

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